Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Testing testing.

Hey, look! I made a Blog!

.......and I have no idea what to here's a pic of a lady with big boobs.


Art Graham said...

Jay the first comment is mine! I love your art and I'm happy there is a place to comment a bit.

PS: The pic is great like...

Big Boobs rulez!!!!!!!!

Mateusz said...

Your art is the best, it is my first-aid during end-of-term examinations.
i need more, its not an adict i can quit any time ;)

Matthew said...

Another place to see some of your art


Toa_Onua said...

HEY, HOLA(Es un Blog en español?) ok your art is great, and i love the big boobs, si te puedo escrivir en español? espero que si me escanta tu arte

Anonymous said...

Wow. Nice boobs. Mine pale in comparison. DAMN YOU FREAKISH BOOB ARTIST.

Anyway. I like your work. And I'm looking forward to seeing your rambles and rants on here.