Thursday, July 19, 2007

Chloe HQ

A little ring of islands in the South Pacific.


Kyle Miller said...

The Tracey's have got nothing on Chloe. But is there a secret hangar under the swimming pool?

Tony said...

Very nice. The atoll is beautiful. I love your scenery sketches. Always so detailed and proportioned.

Also, congradulations on your 300th comic!

EOCostello said...

You might like to have a chat with Ken Fletcher, the fellow who runs the "Spontoon Island" website (to which I contribue many writings, but bugger-all in the way of art of this caliber). The setting for the stories and artwork at the website is the North Pacific, with lots of intrigue, and a fair amount of British deer getting totally "tired and emotional" (to borrow from Fleet Street). The watercolour fits right in there, I would think.