Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alone in the dark......

Going to the movies on your own is, for some inexplicable reason, looked down on, and I’m struggling to work out why.
I’m occasionally a solo movie-goer, and have no issues what-so-ever with approaching the spotty-faced student behind the till and asking “one for [film name here]”. But when I admit this to people, they all recoil as though they’ve just been slapped in the face by a rancid haddock. They just cannot believe I go to the flicks alone.
The reason I don’t have a problem with it is because, in my mind, going to the movies is one of the second most antisocial activities you can engage in (The first is; going to the movies and TALKING FOR THE DURACTION OF THE FILM. You know who you are. Kindly f**k off and die, you antisocial little prigs).
Let us analyse exactly what you do when you go and watch a film on the big screen: you buy a ticket, find your seat and then sit in the dark for 2 to 3 hours, completely ignoring anyone you tagged along with.
It’s hardly the best way to socialise. You learn more about the fictional characters prancing about before your eyes than the flesh and blood people sitting either side of you.
Yes, it’s great to talk about what you’ve just watched with people afterwards, but that’s got nothing to do with the actual viewing of the film. You can do that any time.
In conclusion, if you’re one of those people that outright refuse to go to the cinema alone and mocks those that do, I can only assume one thing; that you’re afraid of the dark and need someone to hold your hand.

And now: doodles.
Nekkid Ninja

Domino playing Battle Bunnies

'nother bunny (We like bunnies at the moment).

Bunny butt.

My take on Asterix and Obelix (needs work. Obelix is waaaay too thin)

Chloe on a dance mat.

And, another bite back at the people that keep harrassing me about my characters having tails.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Assassin's Creed.

I had written a big rant about the failings of this game, but, to be honest; it's just not worth my time typing it. A bitter disappointment, it doesn't deserve anything but evisceration in the form of a comic.
And now: doodles.
I was pointed toward a video of a very wierd DS game. Had to let Kat play it...

Generic Super Bint

CHLOE! Can't have a blog post without Chloe! :D

....or a lass wearing naught but a bed sheet.

And a character from (yet another) story I've been making notes on.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Coffee Run

Helga always seens to be facing off with tentacles these days.....

I’ve heard that running through multiplication tables helps in this situation…..unfortunately; I’m crap at maths.

Another pervy/action comic character I'm playing around with:

Aaaand a pic of Chloe with the (diminutive) Lingerie Shop triplets……

Friday, October 26, 2007

Play Portal.

That's not a suggestion. Play it. NOW!

Helga: PA, slayer of monsters and retreiver of slippers.

And; the freaks on B3TA wanted a bug with boobs. Here you go, Gents;

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Thundercat Redesigns

Just for fun, so, Purists; don’t get your knickers in a twist.
I thought I’d make ‘em look a bit more “catty”…..or, in Mumm Ra’s case; scary.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gordon's alive?!

The most Blessed Brian: VULTAN!

Hilary looks to have gone back to modelling.

Aaaand some sci-fi chicks (Long live Azpiri!)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Britain: Home of the Super Villain.

From the 1960s to the 1980s it was those dastardly Soviets and from 2001 to present day it’s been anyone that looks like they might be from a hot country. Movies and TV shows are obviously a reflection of public opinion (by “public” I, of course, mean “American”) but during the period between, a trend began and continued: that of the evil Brit.
It seems that if a movie requires a truly diabolical villain, the following boxes must be ticked:
They must be well dressed, have good taste in food and wine, appreciate fine art and music and speak with an accent crisper than the Queen’s.
Where did that cliché come from?!
Granted; back when ¼ of the world’s population was under the Empire, the words “smug” and “Superior” were pretty much tattooed on our decidedly pale faces. But the Victorian era has been gone for nigh on a century, and even back in the day, we weren’t exactly what you’d call “bad”, just bloody arrogant, which can easily be said for any major world power in the contemporary age.
In all honesty; I’d quite like the population of Blighty to be made up of evil masterminds, but they’re not. They’re mostly a mob of drunken, football-obsessed inebriates, more interested in the latest series of Big Brother than plotting world domination. They don’t sit in darkened rooms, rocking back and forth in oversized armchairs, cackling over plans for super weapons that may, one day, deliver them the Earth.
It’s a fact I lament.
If they did have a diabolical bone or two they might just get off their ever-increasing arses and do something constructive.
Like capture Paris.
Or steal Belgium.
So why, then, in the face of this ineptitude, are the Brits always cast as modern villains?
Well, I think a substantial amount of blame has to be laid at the feet of Alan Rickman and that most English of “Germans”, Hans Gruber. He’s the definitive “Evil Limey” and has been a stereotype ever since he crashed that Christmas party.
Lazy Hollywood writers.
Need a villain? Think Rickman!
Too expensive? Find someone with an English accent.
And a suit.
THERE’s the root of the matter!
….or, at least, half of it.
When describing the populous of Britain, I did say “mostly”.
You see; there are Brits up to no good.
Ignoring the aristocracy, whose minds have probably turned to the destruction of mainland Europe now that fox-hunting has been banned, we have the government and all those associated with it.
In Iraq, our forces are instigating the sinister-sounding “Overwatch”, at home our military has launched a satellite called “Skynet” and during times of domestic strife, such as the tube bombings or the 2007 floods, an emergency coordination facility is activated called “COBRA”.
MI6 operates from a building that looks more like the lair of a Bond villain than the hero, Parliament is run from a gothic palace that wouldn’t look out of place in Dracula, pretty much every major town and city has a street with the word “Gallows” in it and we’re helping to fund the CERN accelerator; a potential doomsday device that could create a black hole.
Oh, sod it. Let’s just play the role.
Dibs on Australia.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Power of the Panther Panties

Heh. This'd make the base for a killer super-hero comic.....

And a couple of Sh*thouse animations:

Monday, October 1, 2007

I really HATE that term....

"Furry"....ick. Horrid name. I miss the days when they were just called "cartoon characters".....

Of course; some kinds of art DESERVE an unpleasant name....

And s'mother doodles:

Friday, September 14, 2007

The obligatory exploding-nurse scene……

Some anime is just plain sick.

But most is just good (if naughty) fun.....

....and inspires stuff like this :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Birds.

Characters from a little series of GIFs I made (You can see most of 'em in the 'Misc' section of CC).....I'll have to try and squeeze 'em into Sequential Art :)

And s'more doodles:
This one's from a comic I'm planning out.

Why DO tentacle monsters always end up in schools?

Wake up, Chloe!

Who designed her?

This is my excuse and I'm sticking with it......