Thursday, December 6, 2007

Alone in the dark......

Going to the movies on your own is, for some inexplicable reason, looked down on, and I’m struggling to work out why.
I’m occasionally a solo movie-goer, and have no issues what-so-ever with approaching the spotty-faced student behind the till and asking “one for [film name here]”. But when I admit this to people, they all recoil as though they’ve just been slapped in the face by a rancid haddock. They just cannot believe I go to the flicks alone.
The reason I don’t have a problem with it is because, in my mind, going to the movies is one of the second most antisocial activities you can engage in (The first is; going to the movies and TALKING FOR THE DURACTION OF THE FILM. You know who you are. Kindly f**k off and die, you antisocial little prigs).
Let us analyse exactly what you do when you go and watch a film on the big screen: you buy a ticket, find your seat and then sit in the dark for 2 to 3 hours, completely ignoring anyone you tagged along with.
It’s hardly the best way to socialise. You learn more about the fictional characters prancing about before your eyes than the flesh and blood people sitting either side of you.
Yes, it’s great to talk about what you’ve just watched with people afterwards, but that’s got nothing to do with the actual viewing of the film. You can do that any time.
In conclusion, if you’re one of those people that outright refuse to go to the cinema alone and mocks those that do, I can only assume one thing; that you’re afraid of the dark and need someone to hold your hand.

And now: doodles.
Nekkid Ninja

Domino playing Battle Bunnies

'nother bunny (We like bunnies at the moment).

Bunny butt.

My take on Asterix and Obelix (needs work. Obelix is waaaay too thin)

Chloe on a dance mat.

And, another bite back at the people that keep harrassing me about my characters having tails.


Tim said...

I don't usually go to the movies alone, I go with family & friends just for the sake of talking about it afterwards. As for people who don't like your "characters with tails" they can go lick a monkey.

BenDrinken said...

I stopped going to the theaters here because of the people. Always yelling at the screen, things like, "Oh no he d'int," and "She said BLAM-BO! HA!" Not to forget talking on cell phones, getting high, and shooting people. It's really as though a party is going on and there is a movie playing in
the background.

If it weren't so dangerous in the dark, I would go it alone.

It's really no wonder the HD home theater market is on fire right now.

Bentos said...

I actually asked two people if they wouldn't rather be in the pub recently. They agreed and left.

I quite like your Obelix, though I agree he could do with more mass. I like his curious/gormless expression. Not sure about Asterix though, I think it's because his face is too similar to Obelix.

Skru said...

I have no problem with people who go to the movies alone, however I'm not comfortable with doing that myself. I feel sort of exiled from the rest of the moviegoers, unless the theater is completely packed, since people tend to like their personal space and keep away from other groups.

And on a different topic: That last image should be the cover and title of your next sketchbook. Hilarity!

Zook said...

I enjoy going to the movies alone, and miss doing so. I do rather enjoy sitting at home and chillin' in front of the plasma, though. I can have a pint, take a smoke or bathroom break, turn the fekkin' thing off if it assaults my senses too severely.

Alfie said...

I have to agree with you that one might as well go alone, since you're basically ignoring your friends, but then again if your friends happen to be oddly snuggly attractive females you should consider taking them along.

(admittedly though, if your friends are oddly snuggly attractive females, they might think you're gay. But that really shouldn't stop you, right?)

Eclectic Mayhem said...

Personally I love going to the cinema on my own and I love going with other people; I just love going to the cinema.

I have recently, however, become a statistic - mother of small child unable to see anything other than 'mommy and me' screenings without enlisting the support of legions of babysitters.

The other issue is that - unlike life in London where I lived within walking distance of two cinemas and a short tube ride away from the delights of the West End - I now live in the middle of nowhere in Northern Virginia and have to drive miles to the nearest fleapit... bah!

Could the blog title 'Alone in the dark...' possibly be an oblique reference to Babylon 5 or is my sci-fi anorak showing again?

Ian Walker said...

Yes yes yes! I've been saying this for years! Sitting in the dark staring at a screen is really quite a solitary thing to do, but almost everybody thinks it's weird to go alone. Could it be something to do with the cinema being ingrained in our consciousness as a 'going on a date' activity?

Alex said...

There are two kinds of people. The socialy-needy people and those who don't need social-shite to "work".

I like watching movies alone and i honestly couldn't care less what others think. The social-needy people can't understand a non-social-needy person and it becomes totaly unkown to them not to hang around with others.

I don't get a sense of being alone if I go to the cinema alone or shit like that. I'm a solitary person and what i do the most, like drawing, etc I like being alone.

everyone have their life philosophy and values. I don't feel the need to be in the crowd.

Patrick said...

Thank you! It's very irrational for people to assume going to the movies alone is antisocial. You attend an event by yourself, therefore, you are alone. Like it's some strike against socialism - I don't think so. That's poor judgment and logic. I just wish people were a bit more comfortable with themselves to attend things alone and realize it's not that serious. Risk the dark, no one is going to bite you...

EOCostello said...

Madame, you may rest assured that the combination of tail, ears and "balcony" is very pleasing to the eye. I would not dream of complaining.