Friday, July 27, 2007

Mandy and Scarlet

I’m usually quite rubbish at emulating other people’s styles, but I’m quite pleased with this:
Someone requested that I draw the uber talented Dean Yeagle’s creation, Mandy, meeting Scarlet.

And more from the Chloe Comic:

Sample Page 1
Sample Page 2


Tim said...

Awesome work man! I can't wait to see the Chloe comic!

Toa_Onua said...

HEY, ok, a comic of chloe, is very nice, please continue whit this good work

Tony said...

Hmm... A Chloe comic? Sounds interesting.

How about some detail about the city she seems to be relaxing in? Is that near her atoll, or is her place at a different area, like a resort?

Ooh! Look! A Bionicle fan!

hunsdon said...

Love the Mandy and Scarlet. People always ask me my favorite comic character and I always direct them to your site to meet Scarlet

Happy-K said...

Omg I love this!!!!! Its so cute and incredible n just wow!

Ponyboy said...

Hi I'm new to your site, but I'm already head over heals for your art man! Do you have any other sites or web comics? I'd love to see them!