Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Snip snip.

Weather’s getting milder.
I should get a haircut.

Chloe tries to make the new Curio Girl feel at home.

She does behave from time to time….usually when she’s at the office….usually.

No, kid; you don’t.

Elli gets angry.


Skru said...

Heh, Chloe may have the suit on, but The chances of having anything on underneath are pretty slim, I think.

Also, the nerd girl might not look like Felicia now...but wait until cosplay season.

MoonDarter said...

An angry Elli is a most frightening thing.

James said...

Eh, so what if she doesn't look like Felicia? Nerdy girls are hot!

Kendra said...

Hear hear! Glasses plus freckles plus anime/fighting game fan = total hottitude.

Tom said...

Blog ditched?

SaraH con H said...

Hello from Spain!

Your work is great, it´s my inspiration.

Thank you for all your draws!