Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Too serious.

After my last entry, I felt I was letting my blog get a little too serious.
Time for some fun!
Let's start with Chloe :D

'Tunnels' is a little game I'm working on. You can download a demo free through Lulu.

Captain Wow is a fellow B3TAn, and was feelin' icky when this was doodled.

Don't mess with the Supa Kitty (This is just a one-page thing. Don't ask about a series)


cenaris said...

Horay for sultry Chloe

rali said...

Feel the Powah!

Calvin said...

I'm truly impressed by the sheer volume of awesome pinup you produce. Keep up the good work!

Leo Princess said...

*snorts at Panties Whap sketch*

That son of a chauvinist pig won't be trying that again!

kombator said...

Very shmexy stuff ye got here. Keep it up!