Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mobile Denizens


And a couple of pics I was commissioned to do:


BrollyFerret said...

Like the new pictures. The bottom two kindo look like they could be part of a detective story?

EOCostello said...

As the chap who commissioned them, I give you 9 and 1/2 marks out of 10. It's for a current spy story in an RPG I'm involved in, though right now it involves a case of murder.

The chap on the left is Jan Sarna, a recently down-on-his-luck private eye who has been hired by "The Middlemen," a somewhat murky (but good-guy) spy agency. Mr. Jackson did a superlative job in translating the Phillip Marlowe/Richard Diamond/Johnny Dollar/Sam Spade look to a roe deer.

The lady on the right, who may or may not be named Talia Day (her resume is notably laking in candor) is currently the villainess in the story going on right now. Talia was the ADC for an eccentric centimillionaire who has been found in a vault, with his family katana in his back. (Jan, of course, found the body, and has just escaped being framed for the deed.) Since that time, Talia has managed to commit six aggravated assaults, and either five or seven counts (some double counting) of attempted murder, the latter against the team of spies that Jan is on. She has a level of talent in the martial arts that one would not suspect from her business attire...nor the fact that said attire was concealing some poison needles hidden in fountain pens. Ms. Locke, by comparison, is verily sweetness and light.

I was enormously pleased by Mr. Jackson's draughtsmanship, and ability to pull out the essentialls from a few paragraphs of text.