Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney eats Marvel

Disney has bought Marvel Entertainment. A move that will no doubt irk Marvel fans. Myself NOT among them.
For $4Billion, a company that perpetuates itself by selling and reselling tired old franchises gets access to over 1000 MORE tired old franchises.
If not already clear: I am not a fan of Marvel.
Granted; I've enjoyed the recent batch of movies that have spawned from their material, but the comics themselves are dire, convoluted and repetetive crap.
I file Disney in more or less the same column. The last half-decent thing that they produced was Kim Possible (which they succeeded in ruining by stretching its run).
Neither company has a clue how to generate new content, which is why there are so many "sequels" to Disney classics and why Marvel has started peddling translations of high-quality French comics, such as Sky Doll.


Pan Pan said...

Top Cow fan, reporting in. My Photoshop professor just made a killing on the Marvel stock he bought ten years ago. Huzzah?

Red White said...

I personally prefer marvel over DC but yeah, all the material has been done before. There's a reason for that but I'll not go into it. Anyway, I think Disney has been doing alright actually. The Pixar animation studios are always pumping out new things at top quality. IDK, I've always liked Disney and their movies, so I'm probably biased on that. I think it could be a good thing personally.

WLF-2226 said...

♫♪ Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me? Wolverine, Wolverine, Wolve - Wolverine ♫♪

I think that we are not going to see significative changes in Disney nor Marvel. But as always, I could be wrong.

Out of topic: I loved the "Big Cat" in your sketchbook.

Bruce said...

If you think that the last decent thing that Disney produced, you really need to watch Phineas and Ferb.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's lots of good original material passing through both Marvel and Disney but without a proven, money making winner, no suit is going to stick his neck out on an unknown. That's just the sad state of entertainment these days which is why more and more are going to the web for gems like: