Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Boobies. They sell.

If you want to guarantee sales; target the male market and ensure there’s plenty of cleavage!
What? It’s true! Think of all the second rate films and games that sell well simply because they’re aimed at guys and have a buxom bird bouncing around.
And as you have probably guessed by now; I’m more than happy to sink to that level, for the sake of dosh and giggles :D

I’m currently writing a script for a Goodcat comic. He’s turned into a sort of freelance, James-Bond type.

Goodcat’s side-kick. I know a lady called Verity, and thought it was a fantastic name. Hope she doesn’t mind me swiping it!
Full name of the comic-book Verity is; Verity StMartin (“San Mar-Tahn”), and she will be wearing a little more on those pages….

I’m also putting together a little comic for Sky, the treasure-hunting kitty that seems to forever be a whisker away from disaster.

This one’s a demon hunter.

Chloe might encounter this chap at some point.

A lovely lady I know was feelin’ ill a little while back. Drew this to cheer her up. Always happy to care for the sick….at a distance.

And, lastly, in keeping with today’s theme; more boobage.


cenaris said...

You've just found Sky the perfect tagline "Always a wisker away from danger"

Seamusdubh said...

I agree with cenaris on that.

chfutzin said...

The "I IZ MATURE" sketch must be elaborated on. It's the single sexiest thing you've ever drawn (or just posted).

The Doctor said...

I think its interesting how you started giving the girls areolae. Hell, you gave the new girl, Verity (great choice on the name, btw) ones bigger than her eyes. Love the art, as always

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff. Looking forward to more.

Brandy said...

Awesome work, can't wait to see more of what you have in store. :D

Ponyboy said...

Hi I'm new to your site, but I'm already head over heals for your art man! Do you have any other sites or web comics? I'd love to see them!

Anonymous said...

Awesome stuff! Quite an encouragement and inspiration for my own art.

Frog God said...

suggested sights to draw for
bunnie love
HTH studio

Kitty said...

Your art makes my fingers itch for my tablet. Don't get me wrong, I'm not good AT ALL you just make me want to practice a lot more. So if it makes you smile to know it, know this; if nothing else you inspire those of less talent to try and learn to draw boobs. It's gotta be a public service or something.

Manetoys said...

*weeps at the censors* I want boobies -_- XD

Anju said...

Love your sketches.. came across your blog via your old Thundercat art.. so awesome!!