Tuesday, July 8, 2008

July Art Dump

Not posted on my blog for aaaaaaaages.
Here's some sketches.
Too much mayo.

Hilary plays.


I think she’s getting pervier.

Lil’ Farm Girl.

Pies and surreal Anime in the company of a fellow B3tan.

Fear the fibre-chomping zombie!

Another pic of tiny Scarlet.

B3ta terminology: “Squits” – A squirrel with tits.

Chloe might like getting hot ‘n sweaty, but humidity isn’t her thing.

God bless thin, white, cotton shirts and the unpredictable British weather.

Another random country girl. I seem to have a thing for drawing busty farm-hands at the moment…..

Drawn during a meeting. Can’t remember what was said to inspire the strapping of a rocket to a kitten…..

A film that contained legs that could only JUST be considered sexy.

And, when humour flags; turn to the use of naughty words.


cenaris said...

More Chloe hidden links please. You can never have too much Chloe.
And some involving Hilary

LoneTiger said...

Thou shall not demean Dragon Half's holiness ^.^ Seriously, one of the funniest short anime I have ever seen, you should read the manga of it :D

heartless.nobody said...

Yeah I would like to see some stuff involing Hilary like you did with Art Lover...

I would pay to see something like that.

Ribbo said...

Just saying hello and well done on the work you do each week.
I could never be that motivated, so lazy.....

alamed said...

FINALLY a new post :D
I was happy to see (1) next to the feed in my Google reader. Keep up the awesome work :).

Los Aspirantes said...


kombator said...

Indeed,God bless thin, white, cotton shirts and the unpredictable British weather.
Nice stuff, like the country girls, bein' from Texas n' all.

RalphMarx said...

Yo Jack , just like to say im yur lastest fan and fanatic thank ue.


also wandering if u got more X rated stuff
, btw lov Sequential Art